Resignation of Auditor - Impact/Legal Provisions

access_time 2023-06-24T07:46:45.71Z face CA N Raja
Auditor Resignations: Precautions Banks Must Take from a Banker's Perspective A Conversational Journey with Manu & Vinu Introduction: Vinu a CA article during his concurrent audit had a doubt regarding how the voluntary resignation of auditor from a company affects bank’s perception with that compan...

Missing Vouchers

access_time 2019-01-25T04:25:04.483Z face CA N Raja
We know for every transaction recorded in the books of Accounts. That should be supporting documentary evidences. if for any of the transactions voters are supporting documentary evidences are not available then that non availability will be termed as missing vouchers. This can be intentional indica...

What is internal audit?

access_time 2019-01-14T04:44:22.796Z face CA N Raja
Internal audit is an independent Management function. Here internal Audit department will appraise the functioning of entity continuously as well as critically with an intention to suggest improvements to add value and to strengthen the overall Governance and Risk Management and internal control sys...
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