Why Cost of Debt is different in WACC?

access_time 2020-04-20T12:35:25.180Z face CA N Raja
Why Cost of Debt is different in WACC ? When you pay interest on one side, on the other side you save tax due to interest (because your profits gets reduced to the extent of interest). Lets say, your profit before tax is 100 Mn and if you are paying interest of 30Mn (10% of 300Mn Loan), then your pr...

Difference between Cash Flow and Fund Flow Statements

access_time 2019-02-04T05:03:57.764Z face CA N Raja
Fund flow statement is basically prepared to know what caused changes in financial position between two accounting periods.It analyses what are the reasons for the changes. so the focus is what and why of changes whereas cash flow statement will ascertain what caused changes in cash and cash equival...

What is Bridge Finance?

access_time 2019-01-07T10:14:14.857Z face CA N Raja
Let's say your company has taken up a big project and it has approached financial institution for a long term loan and let's say that loan also has been sanctioned but Financial institution is taking time for finalising its procedures related to security creation Or tie up with other institutions. H...

Meaning and advantages of Factoring

access_time 2019-01-04T06:50:37.102Z face CA N Raja
We know most of the business entities makes credit sale and they have to do credit investigation before making credit sales, then maintain various documents related to the sales, They should follow up with the customers on due date for payment. These additional work will take significant time of man...

Introduction to Fund Flow Analysis

access_time 2018-12-20T13:55:03.885Z face CA N Raja
What is Fund flow analysis? Let us have a look at this - we know traditionally balance sheet and profit and loss statements are prepared - Balance sheet would communicate what is the financial position as on a particular date and profit and loss statement would communicate what is the book profits t...
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