Cash Conversion Cycle

access_time 2023-08-17T15:50:05.418Z face CA N Raja
Understanding Cash Conversion Cycle A Conversation Between Manu & Vinu Introduction: Manu and Vinu are two working professionals in their late thirties. They often engage in discussions about various financial concepts to enhance their understanding of business operations. Today, their topic of disc...

Basics of Bank Guarantee

access_time 2023-06-21T07:35:35.921Z face CA N Raja
Unraveling the Basics of Bank Guarantee: A Conversational Journey with Manu & Vinu Introduction: Hey there, readers! Get ready for an engaging and lively conversation as we delve into the world of bank guarantees. Our knowledgeable guide, Manu, will answer Vinu's queries, and together, we'll unlock ...
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