Liquidity ratios

access_time 2019-02-01T06:07:45.906Z face CA N Raja
In the balance sheet you have two sides Liabilities side and Asset side. This liability side can be divided into two.Current liability and Long term liability.Similarly on the asset side can also be divided into two.One is current asset and the other one is Non current asset .Now let us focus on thi...

What is Letter of Credit?

access_time 2018-12-17T04:44:38.145Z face CA N Raja
Imagine a normal sale scenario where the buyer and seller are involved. The buyer would make the cash payment first then the seller would be dispatching the goods. This would generally happen when the buyer has cash at his disposal. But imagine a scenario where buyer does not have cash but in need o...

what is crossing of Cheque?

access_time 2018-12-15T12:31:03.329Z face CA N Raja
This is nothing but drawing two parallel lines on the face of the cheque. By crossing you are giving instruction to the banker not to pay the cheque by cash but you are directing to pay the money only through bank account or to the credit of the account of the customer. To know more click here...
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