Paper 4 Indirect Tax (GST) cover

Paper 4 Indirect Tax (GST)

Instructor: CA N Raja

Language: English

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Welcome to this course "Paper 1: Indirect Tax GST ( CA INTER )". 

India had its one of the major tax reforms since its independence. Yes! That's Goods and Services Tax (GST) implemented with effect from 1st July 2017. GST is the value added tax levied on Manufacture, Sale and Consumption of Goods and Services. Almost every business units taxable under GST are affected. There is a wide knowledge gap and i am sure this course will help you to fill that gap.

In this course you will learn, 


Chapter 1 Introduction to GST in India

Chapter 2 Framework of GST in India

Chapter 3 Simple Case Studies on Intra State and Interstate GST

Chapter 4 Constitutional Provisions

Chapter 5 Registration

Chapter 6 Amendment of Registration

Chapter 7 Cancellation of Registration

Chapter 8 Supply under GST

Chapter 9 Tax Invoice, Credit & Debit Notes

Chapter 10 Levy & Collection

Chapter 11 Accounts & Records Under GST

Chapter 12 Input Tax Credit

Chapter 13 Audit Under GST

Chapter 14 - Payment of Tax

Chapter 15-Returns



All the above concepts will taught with sufficient practical examples.

This course has been structured in self paced learning style. Listen to this course with your headsets attached to your device and if possible make note of key provisions and points in note book for effective revision.

See you inside the course.

Note :- The remaining topics willl be published in a separate course

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