Paper 7 -Direct Taxation cover

Paper 7 -Direct Taxation

Instructor: CA N Raja

Language: English

Welcome to this Course "CMA INTER Paper 7 -Direct Taxation"

In this course, you will learn about

Chapter 1 - Basic Concepts

Chapter 2 - Process of Computing Total Income for Income Tax Purposes

chapter 3-Person

Chapter 4 -Income

chapter 5 -Rate of Taxes

chapter 6 -Residence and Scope of Total Income

Chapter 7-Agricultural Income

Chapter 8 - Income which do not form part of Total income

Chapter 9 - Income under head salary

chapter 10-Income from House Property

chapter 11- TDS

Chapter 12 - Profits & Gains of Business and Profession

chapter 13 - Capital Gains

Chapter 14 - Income from Other Sources

Chapter 15- Clubbing Of Income

Chapter 16 - Deductions from Gross Total Income

This course is structured in self paced learning style. Use your head set for effective listening. Have your note pad or excel on your side to take note of what is taught so nothing goes unrecorded.

See you Inside this Course

Note :- The remaining topics willl be published in a separate course

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