Consolidated Financial Statements A Complete Study cover

Consolidated Financial Statements A Complete Study

Step by Step course to learn preparation of Consolidated Financial Statements

Instructor: CA N Raja

Language: English

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Welcome to this Course Consolidated Financial Statements A Complete Study.

In Consolidated Financial Statements, Financials of parent company and its subsidiaries will be consolidated as if  they are a single economic entity. Preparation of Consolidated Financial Statements involves highly technical and complicated procedures  - However worry not  - this course will take you through step by step as to how consolidated financial statements are prepared.

Please note this course is structured following Indian Accounting Standard norms -  so students from other countries may find differences on treatment of few items.

Let me explain how this is structured:

This course is structured in self paced learning style. Use your headsets for effective listening.

At first I will be explaining what is the  concept of group,  holding company and subsidiary company-  then I will take you through why consolidated financial statements are prepared, its advantages and certain other related theoretical matters followed by few examples and case studies.

In next, section I will take you through the components,  important terms and basic inputs for preparing Consolidated Financial Statement followed by Consolidation procedure and few examples.  Then I will be explaining treatment of Dividends with supporting case studies.         I will also take you through treatment of Bonus shares,  Revaluation of fixed assets,  Minority interest  with supporting case studies.

In next section I will show you how you can compute Goodwill or Capital Reserve arising in consolidation process with calculations/ case studies. Then, I will take you through to case studies for preparing Consolidated Balance sheet and Profit and loss account

Go through the course curriculum before enrolling.

See you inside the course

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