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Digital Library for Bank Executives on Credit & Financial Analysis

Bundle of Courses, EBooks, Test Series & Career Guidance Materials for Bank Executives

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One Stop Resource for

Bank Executives on

Credit & Financial Analysis

"Do not enroll this course if you want instant learning - This library is for deep learning  with 16 courses  & 19 other resources"

A) Online Courses

1) Banking Credit Analysis Process (for Bankers)

2) How to carry out Financial Analysis as a Banker

3) How to carry out Term Loan Appraisal & Assessment as Banker

4) Credit Policy, Products, Delivery, Appraisal, Risk & Rating

5) Export Finance, Priority Sector Lending and Retail Loan

6) NPA Management - A Complete Study

7) Documentation,Types of Charges & Credit Monitoring

8) How to prepare CMA Report for Bank Loans?

9) Basic Elements related to Bank Loan Proposal

10) Credit Rating Of Real Estate Developers

11) How to prepare Cash Budget for Bank Loans?

12) Cash Flow Modelling for Lease Rental Discounting Loan

13) How to Read Balance Sheet

14) How to Read CIBIL Report

15) Learn Banking Credit Analysis through Case Studies

16) How to Read Audit Report

B) EBooks

17) E- BOOK on Current Ratio

18) E- BOOK on Debt Equity Ratio

19) E-BOOK on Cash Flow Statement

20) E-BOOK on Capital Structuring

21) E-BOOK on Financial Break Even Point

22) E-BOOK on Capital Budgeting and Cash Flow

23) E-BOOK on Capital Budgeting and Payback and Time Value of Money (Part 1)

24) E-BOOK on Capital Budgeting and Payback and Time Value of Money (Part 2)

25) E-BOOK on Conversation about Leverage

26) E-BOOK on Financial Ratio Analysis

27) E-Book on Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)

28) Model CMA - Excel Template

C) Career Guidance Resources

29) Professional Courses For Banking Executives :- Courses you can pursue while working in a Bank

30) How to Become a Chartered Financial Analyst

31) How to Become a US Certified Management Accountant

32) All About JAIIB

33) All About CAIIB

34) All About Certified Credit Professional

D) Free Test Series

35) Free - Test Your Knowledge in Ratio Analysis

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