How to Read Balance Sheet cover

How to Read Balance Sheet

"Its high time you develop your Balance Sheet reading skill - Enroll now"

Instructor: CA N Raja, B.Com., PGDBA, FCA

Language: English

Validity Period: Lifetime

₹499 including 18% GST

Are you an Entrepreneur, interested in understanding how your business is performing?

Are you a Finance Manager / Bank Credit Officer, interested in Financial Statements Analysis?

Then you should develop your skill & ability to read Financial Statements & this course will help you achieve that.

Welcome to your course "How to Read Balance Sheet". By enrolling in this course, you get life time access to comprehensive lectures covering

a) Introduction to Financial Statements

b) Birds Eye View of Balance Sheet

c) Birds Eye View of Profit and Loss Statement

d) How to reduce Balance Sheet into digestible form

e) How to reduce Income Statement into digestible form

f) How to re-arrange Income Statement for effective understanding

g) How to understand Profit making capacity through Income Statement

h) How to understand Cost to Sales relationship through Income Statement

i) How to understand Interest & Loan Coverage through Income Statement & Balance Sheet

j) How to understand Return on Investment for Owners & Lenders from Income Statement & Balance Sheet

k) How to understand Long Term Solvency from Balance Sheet

l) How to understand Short Term Solvency from Balance Sheet

m) How to arrive at Working Capital Cycle and Turnover Ratios from Income Statement & Balance Sheet

n) How to understand effective utilisation of capital invested in Business?

o) How to understand effective utilisation of Fixed Assets?

This course is a result of continuous demand from present students and so you can be happy that you are enrolling to develop the most sought-after skill.

This course is designed in self paced learning style. Try listening lectures with headphones for more clarity and keep taking notes for better understanding.

See you inside the course!

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