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Banking  Credit  Courses 

1. Banking Credit Analysis Process (for Bankers)

2. Letter of Credit L1: Basic Concepts & Fundamentals

3. How to Read Balance Sheet

4. How to prepare CMA Report for Bank Loans?

5. How to Read CIBIL Report

6. How to carry out Term Loan Appraisal & Assessment as Banker

7. How to carry out Financial Analysis as a Banker

8. Learn Banking Credit Analysis through Case Studies

9. How to prepare Cash Budget for Bank Loans?

10. How to carry out Credit Risk Rating for Non Trading Entities

11.  How to Read Audit Report

12.  Collateral Securities A Comprehensive Study

13.  Financial Analysis - Must Skill for Every Banking Executive

14.  JAIIB Accounting & Finance for Banker A Complete Study

15.  JAIIB: Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking [Part 1/4]

16.  Financial Analysis, Term Loan Appraisal & Working Capital

17.  JAIIB: Principles and Practices of Banking (Part 1)

18. JAIIB - Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking Part 4/4

19.  Credit Policy, Products, Delivery, Appraisal, Risk & Rating

20.  NPA Management - A Complete Study

21.  Export Finance, Priority Sector Lending and Retail Loan

22. CAIIB Advanced Bank Management (Part I)

23. CAIIB Bank Financial Management Part 1

24. Basic Insights of Trade Finance

25. Basics of Corporate Banking A Refresher Course

26. Ind AS 33 Earnings per Share - A Refresher Course

27. Bank Audit A Complete Study

28. Basics of SARFAESI Act A Complete Study

29. Crash Course on Fair Practices Code on Lenders Liability

30. Basics of Supply Chain Financing - Crash Course

Course Added In June

31. RBI Resolution Framework 2.0 for Individuals & Small Businesses

Financial Management courses

32. The Ultimate course on Basics of Financial Management

33. Awesome Course on Time Value of Money: Techniques & Methods to learn Present & Future Value

34 . Financial Ratio Analysis Mastery Course

35. How to prepare & analyse Cash Flow Statement like a Pro

36. How to prepare & analyse Fund Flow Statement like a Pro

37. Complete Course on Cost of Capital: Best Course to learn cost of various funds & WACC

38. Capital Structuring Decisions: Ultimate Course to plan Capital Structure for a Business

39. 10 Different Sources of Finance: Short & Simple Course to learn features of finance sources

40. Master Class on Working Capital Management: Learn with concepts, examples & case studies

41. Brilliant Course on Capital Budgeting: Learn Payback / ARR / NPV / IRR / PI Step-by- Step

Advanced Financial management

42. Master Class on Leasing Decisions for Professional Exams

43. Quantitative Techniques of Portfolio Management: Master Class

44. Dividend Decision - A Comprehensive Study

45.  Mergers and Acquisitions - The Ultimate Guide

46. Master Class on Valuation for Professional Exams

47. Master Class on Options for Professional Exams

48. Master Class on Security Analysis for Professional Exams

49. Advanced Course on Capital Budgeting for Professional Exams

Accounting Basics

50.Fundamentals of Accounting Equation

51. Procedure of Journalising - A Road Map

52. Ledger - The Ultimate Guide

53. Cash Book - A Comprehensive Study

54. How to Prepare a Trial Balance

55. Master Class on Bank Reconciliation Statement

56. Ultimate Guide to preparation of financial statements

57. How to Prepare Final Accounts from Incomplete Records

58. Common Errors in Accounting & Rectification of Errors - Learn with concepts, examples & case studies

59. Master the Accounting Basics

60. Complete course on Subsidiary Books - Learn Types of Subsidiary Books

61. A Complete Guide to Bills of Exchanges and related Books

62. Comprehensive Course on Accounting for Partnership Firms - Admission of New Partner.

63. Comprehensive Course on Accounting for Partnership Firms - Retirement of Partner.

64. Company Accounts a Complete Guide

65. Master Class on Depreciation Accounting & Methods of Depreciation

66. 5 Different Types of Capital and Revenue Items in Accounting

67.  Learn Accounting Basics in 66 Minutes (Absolutely for Beginners)

Advanced Accounting

68. Branch Accounts a Complete Guide

69. A Ultimate Guide on Departmental Accounts

70.  Master Class on Accounting for Consignment

71. Accounting for Joint Venture - A Complete Guide

72. How to Prepare Self Balancing Ledger

73. Master class on Accounting for investments.

74. Accounting for Insurance Claims an Ultimate Guide

75. Learn Accounting for Sale of Goods on Approval / Return Basis

76. Ultimate Guide on Calculation of Average Due Date & Preparation of Account Current

77. Master Class on Accounting For Construction Contract

78. Comprehensive Course on Accounting Treatment Of Hire Purchase System

79. Master Class on Valuation of Inventories

80. How to Prepare Final Accounts of Sole Proprietors

81. Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organisations - A complete Guide

82. Advanced Partnership Accounts a Comprehensive Study

83. An Ultimate Guide on Amalgamation of Companies.

84.  Learn Treatment of Profit or Loss Pre and Post Incorporation

85. Financial Statements of Companies - A Quick Guide

86. Master Class on Accounting of Insurance Companies

87.  An Ultimate Guide to accounting for Royalty.

88.  A complete Study on Internal Reconstruction of a Company

89.  Buy Back of Securities & Equity Shares - A Complete Study

90.  Underwriting of Shares and Debentures - A Master Class

Accounting Standards

 91. AS 1 Disclosure of Accounting Policies

 92.  AS 2 Valuation Of Inventory

 93. AS 3 Cash Flow Statement

 94.  AS 4 Contingencies and Events occuring after balance sheet date

 95.. AS 5 Net Profit or Loss for the period, Prior Period Items and Changes in Account

 96. AS 7 Construction Contracts

 97. AS 9 Revenue Recognition

 98. AS 10 Property, Plant & Equipment

 99.  AS 11 The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates

 100. AS 12 Accounting for Government Grants

101. AS 14  Accounting for Amalgamations

102. AS 22 Accounting for Taxes on Income

103.AS 16 Borrowing Cost

104. AS 17 Segment Reporting

105. AS 22 Accounting for Taxes on Income

106. AS 19 Leases


107. The Ultimate Guide on Basics of Costing

108. Master Course on Material Costing

109. Comprehensive Course on Labour Costing

110. Overhead Costing a Complete Study

111. Standard Costing a Mastery Course

 112. Master Class on Operating Costing

113. Budget and Budgetary Control - A Comprehensive Study

114. Brilliant Course on Marginal Costing

 115. The Ultimate Course on Contract Costing

116. Joint Products & By Products Master Class

117.  A Comprehensive Study on Cost Accounting System

118. Job Costing and Batch Costing - a Complete Guide

119. ABC Costing a Crash Course


120.  Preamble of Commerce

121.  Learn Internal Trade - Small Scale Retail Organisation

122. Learn Internal Trade - Large Scale Retail Organisation

123. Fundamentals of International Trade

124.  Basics of Banking

125. Basics of Auditing A Complete study

126.  A Breif study on Transport

127. Basics of Insurance

128. Advertising - An Overview

129. Learn Business Finance Secrets - Course for Every Entrepreneur

130. Registration and Licences required to run a Business in India

131. Finance for Non Finance Executives

132. Basics of Forex Management A Complete Study

133. Basics of Indian companies Act 2013

134. Direct Taxation - Income From House Property

135. Direct Taxation - Income from other sources

136. Accounting for Hotel Industry: A complete Guide

137. Company Valuation A Complete Study

138. How to prepare Financial Statements as per Companies Act

139. Consolidated Financial Statements A Complete Study

140. Financial Statement Analysis A Complete Study


141. Economics for Finance - A Refresher Course (Part 1)

142. Basics of Economics A Complete Study

Management Accounting

143. Ultimate Course on Decision making using Cost Concepts and CVP Analysis

144. Ultimate Guide to Critical Path Analysis

145. Learn Linear Programming through Case Studies

146. Profitability Analysis a Brief Study


147. Collection and Presentation of Data - A Mastery Course

148. Brilliant course on Measures of Central Tendency

149.  Measures of Dispersion - Brief Study

150. Correlation : Concepts with Case Studies

151. Regression Analysis - A complete study

Free and Supplementary Educational Resource

Crash Course

152. Free Crash Course - Financial Management

153. Free Crash Course on Banking Credit

154. Free Crash Course - Basic Accounting

155. Free Crash Course on Certified Credit Professional

156. Free Crash Course on Cost Accounting

157. Free Crash Course on Paper - 5 Financial Accounting

158. Free Crash Course on JAIIB

159. Free Crash Course on CAIIB

160. Free Crash Course on Accounting Standards

161. Free Crash Course on Advanced Accounting

162. Free Crash Course on Basics of Statistics

163. Free Crash Course on Basics Of Auditing

164. Free Crash Course on Paper - 1 Accounting

165. Free Crash Course On Strategic Financial Management

166. Free Crash Course On Advanced Financial Management

167. Free Crash Course On Indian Company Law

168. Free Crash Course On Forex Management

169. Free Crash Course on Management Accounting

170. Free Crash Course On Financial Management (நிதி மேலாண்மை)

171. Free Crash Course on Accounting Basics (கணக்கியல் அடிப்படைகள்)

172. Free Crash Course on Finance for Non Finance Executives

 E - Book

173. E-BOOK on Financial Ratio Analysis

174. E-BOOK on Cash Flow Statement

175. E-BOOK on Capital Budgeting and Payback and Time Value of Money (Part 1)

176. E-BOOK on Capital Budgeting and Payback and Time Value of Money (Part 2)

177. E-BOOK on Introduction to Financial Management

178. E-BOOK on Conversation about Leverage

179. E-Book on Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)

180. E- BOOK on Current Ratio

181. E-BOOK on Capital Structuring

182. E- BOOK on Debt Equity Ratio

183. E-BOOK on Capital Budgeting and Cash Flow

184. E-Book on Fund Flow Statement

185. E-Book on Working Capital Management

186. E-Book on Letter of Credit

187. E- BOOK on Inventory Turnover Ratio

188. Learn Break Even Analysis at Ease - PowerPoint Material

189. E-BOOK on Financial Break Even Point

190.  Learn Bank Guarantees at Ease - PowerPoint Material

191. Learn Stock Statement at Ease - PowerPoint Material

 Recorded Webinars

192. On Demand Webinar - How to Prepare CMA Report for Bank Loans

193. Recorded Video of Webinar on How to write Bank Loan Proposal

194. Working Capital & Term Loan from Banker's Point of View

195. Recorded Video of Webinar on Cost of Capital

196. Recorded Video of Webinar on Leverage Analysis in Financial Management

197. . Recorded Video of Webinar on How to prepare Fund Flow Statements

198. Recorded Video of Webinar on How to carry out Term Loan Appraisal as Banker

 Career Guidance

199. How to Become a Chartered Financial Analyst

200. How to Become a Chartered Accountant

201. How to Become a Cost & Management Accountant

202. How to Become a Certified Internal Auditor

203. How to Become a US Certified Management Accountant

204. Professional Courses For Banking Executives :- Courses you can pursue while working in a Bank

205. All About CAIIB

206. What to Study After B.Com

207. How to Become a Company Secretary

208. All About JAIIB

209. All About Certified Credit Professional

210. Best Career Options after 12th Commerce

 Audio Book

211. Learn Verification of Assets & Liabilities in less than 60 Minutes

212. Learn Basics of Financial Management in less than 30 Minutes

213. . Basics of Auditing (தணிக்கை அடிப்படைகள் - தமிழில்)

214. Learn Basics of Auditing in less than 60 Minutes

215. Learn Technical Terms in Accounting in less than 25 Minutes

216.  Learn Types of Financing in less than 60 minutes

217. Learn about Capital Market Instruments in less than 30 Minutes

218. Learn Accounting Assumptions, Concepts & Principles in less than 45 Minutes

219. Learn about Bailment & Pledge in less than 45 Minutes

220. Learn about Contract of Indemnity & Guarantee in less than 30 Minutes

221. Learn Basic of Financial Management (நிதி நிர்வாகத்தின் அடிப்படைகள்)

222. Learn Price Determination in Different Markets in less than 60 Minutes

223. Learn Economic Analysis & Laws in less than 60 Minutes

224. Learn about Special Audits in less than 60 Minutes

 Study Materials

225. Free PDF - Working Capital Estimation for New Business

226. Free PDF - Indian Company Law

227. Free PDF - Buy Back of Securities & Equity Shares

228. Free PDF - Financial Management

229. Free PDF - Cost Accounting

 Test Series

230. Free - Test Your Knowledge in Accounting Basics

231. Free - Test Your Knowledge in Ratio Analysis

232. Free - Test Your Knowledge in Analysis of Financial Statements

233. Free - MCQ Test - CA /CMA Inter - Direct Tax - Residence and scope of total income

234. Free - MCQ Test - CA /CMA Inter - Direct Tax - Basic Concepts

235. Free - Test your knowledge in Time Value of Money

236. Free - Test Your Knowledge on Capital Budgeting

237. Free - Test your knowledge in Financing Working Capital Requirements

238. Free - Test Your Knowledge in Labour Costing

239. Free - Test Your Knowledge in Material Costing

240. Free - Test Your Knowledge in Accounting Standards

241. Free - MCQ Test - JAIIB Accounting & Finance for Bankers - Basic Concepts of Accounting

242. Free - Test your knowledge in Scope and Objectives of Financial Management


243. Financial Analysis (நிதி பகுப்பாய்வு)

244. Basics of Financial Management (நிதி நிர்வாகத்தின் அடிப்படைகள்)

245. Capital Budgeting (மூலதன பட்ஜெட்)

246. Cost of Capital & Capital Structuring (மூலதன மற்றும் மூலதன கட்டமைப்பின் செலவு)

247. Working Capital Management (தமிழ்)

248. Basic Accounting Procedures (தமிழில்)

249. Final Accounts (தமிழில்)

250. Basics of Cost Accounting in Tamil (தமிழ் மொழியில் Cost Accounting அடிப்படைகள்)

251. Basics of Indian Contract Act in Tamil (தமிழ் மொழியில் Indian Contract Act அடிப்படைகள் )

252. Basics of Income Tax in Tamil (வருமான வரியின் அடிப்படைகள்)

Other Courses