Basics of Economics A Complete Study cover

Basics of Economics A Complete Study

Instructor: CA N Raja

Language: English

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Welcome to course on "Basics of Economics A Complete Study" 

  Finance, Accountancy and Economics are three different business subjects but with inter dependence, similarities and of course distinct differences. 

  If one has to excel in any of the above one domain (Finance / Accountancy / Economics) he should have strong understanding of main domain and basic understanding of other two domains. 

  Hence, this course will provide basic knowledge on Economics for Finance and Accounting Professionals. 

  So, what is Economics is all about? 

  Its about making choices. 

  Its not just about money. 

  It is about weighing different choices or alternatives. 

  So, there are variety of modern definitions for economics. Some of the differences may reflect evolving views of the subject or different views among economists 

  By studying Economics, you will understand two fundamental facts; 

  a) Human beings have unlimited wants; and 

  b) The means of satisfying these wants are relatively scarce 

  and the above form the subject matter. 

  By taking this course, you will learn 

  i) What is Economics 

  ii) Definition and Scope of Economics 

  iii) Nature of Economics 

  iv) Methods of Study of Economics 

  v) Economic Problems 

  vi) Theory of Demand 

  vii) Law of Demand 

  viii) Expansion and Contraction of Demand 

  ix) Demand Curve 

  x) Elasticity of Demand 

  Based on students engagement level, further courses will be added on the topics like 

  Theory of Production and Cost, Price Determination in Different Markets, etc. 

  This course is structured in self paced learning style. 

  You will experience virtual class room with black / green board writing and lectures with supporting lectures. 

  Take this course to understand the basics of Economics. 

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