Banking Credit Level 1 Program for Beginners cover

Banking Credit Level 1 Program for Beginners

"Enroll this Level 1 Program if you wish to acquire basic knowlede of Banking Credit, Financial Statements and Credit Reports"

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Language: English

Validity Period: Lifetime

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Credit Analysis is the core process adopted by any Bank to understand, evaluate and appreciate about the Customers Identity, Integrity, Financial Position, - Repayment Capacity, Etc.         

Every Credit Officer should be thorough with Credit Analysis Process because day in day out they have to deal with new customers and before sanctioning any new loans to them, he / she should have made detailed study of their customers.

No Banking Executive can raise to top unless he/she becomes conversant with Credit Analysis Process. Prior training in Credit Analysis and Appraisal will make Credit Officers comfortable with the process, else their mistakes in the process will be very costly beyond repair.

Banking Credit Professional Program (BCPP) will provide platform to Banking Executives to have fall back reference on the Critical Aspects of Credit Analysis Process. 

Banking/ Management Consultants can also use this course for the equipping themselves to the expectations of the Bankers while handling Credit Proposals.

Objective of Level 1 Program:

  1. To acquire basic knowledge Banking Credit concepts and related products.

To develop the ability to read Financial Statements and Credit Information Reports

In this level 1, you will gain basic & conceptual knowledge related to 

a) Banking Credit Analysis Process

b) How to Read Balance Sheet

c) How to Read CIBIL Report.

Who should Enroll in L1 Program?

  1. Existing/ Newly posted officers in credit department
  2. Executives identified for the credit department
  3. Executives aspiring to become credit officers in banks
  4. Relationship Managers / Area Sales Managers to develop basic knowledge in Credit
  5. Project Finance Consultants
  6. Finance Mangers
  7. Chartered Accountants

Mode of Delivery:

Life time Access to Pre-recorded Courses

Course Duration:

10 Days

Course Access: 

Life Time

See you inside the course.

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