A Complete Guide to MS PowerPoint 2016 cover

A Complete Guide to MS PowerPoint 2016

Instructor: CA N Raja, Anjana Anilkumar

Language: English

Validity Period: 10000 days

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Welcome to your course “A complete guide to MS PowerPoint 2016”. Microsoft PowerPoint is used in all types of industries and professions & relevant for every Finance & Non-finance .You can learn PowerPoint with this engaging online course at ease & it will give you a more in-depth look without ignoring key factors.

Why learn PowerPoint?

Let it be any white collar job. Most of us will be using MS PowerPoint for making presentations. So, thorough knowledge of this tool is of utmost importance.

By taking this course, you can improve your PowerPoint skills without spending lots of money on institute / outside courses.

PowerPoint aids you in the creation of professional, high-impact, dynamic presentations, allows working with other people in a collaborative manner.

This tool is customized to fit your needs. So, it can be used in numerous ways to communicate with the audience. You can add text, audio, video, and images to make it more appealing. It helps people to creatively express themselves.

Besides, the use of fonts, shapes, clip art or smart art, charts has its own importance and value.

Who should take this course?

Now a days every person uses Microsoft PowerPoint for various purposes. Mainly Students, Teachers, Professors, Finance Executives, Non-finance Executives, Accountants, Entrepreneur, Analysts, Consultants, Marketing professionals and Bankers all of them use PowerPoint on a consistent basis. Hence, this course is relevant for all above.

How this course will benefit you?

At the end of the course,you will have a detailed knowledge about the basics of PowerPoint which will help you to manage presentation creation process & excel in your academics/ job/ profession.

PowerPoint is one of the most useful tools in the Microsoft Office suite and used by every single individual in the world and if you are lacking the in-depth knowledge about PowerPoint, then you are at your right time - Our course is in front you

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Note :- This course is still in its early stage and hence you can enroll for just Rs.499. Once all the contents are added, the price of the course will increase to Rs.2000/-

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