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74 Courses Bundle

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1 Banking Credit Analysis Process (for Bankers)
2 Finance for Non Finance Executives
3 Learn Banking Credit Analysis through Case Studies
4 How to Read Balance Sheet
5 How to prepare a CMA Report for Bank Loans?
6 How to Read CIBIL Report
7 How to carry out Term Loan Appraisal & Assessment as Banker
8 How to carry out Financial Analysis as a Banker
9 How to Prepare a Cash Budget for Bank Loans?
10 How to Read Audit Report
11 How to write Project Report for Bank Loan - A Complete Guide Course
12 Credit Rating Of Real Estate Developers
13 Cash Flow Modelling for Lease Rental Discounting Loan
14 Learn Business Finance Secrets - Course for Every Entrepreneur
15 Credit Policy, Products, Delivery, Appraisal, Risk & Rating
16 Financial Analysis, Term Loan Appraisal & Working Capital
17 Export Finance, Priority Sector Lending and Retail Loan
18 Network Marketing A Complete Study
19 Accounting for Hotel Industry: A complete Guide
20 How to choose your Business Structure : A Complete Guide
21 Tally ERP 9 A Complete Study
22 Direct Taxation in India A Comprehensive Study
23 Basics of GST in India A Comprehensive Study
24 NPA Management - A Complete Study
25 Financial Statement Analysis A Complete Study
26 Basics of Forex Management A Complete Study
27 Basics of Commerce A Complete Study
28 Management Accounting A Complete Study
29 Basics of Auditing A Complete study
30 Cost Accounting A Comprehensive Study
31 Financial Management A Complete Study
32 Advance Accounting A Complete Study
33 Accounting Basics A Complete Study
34 Advanced Financial Management A Complete Study
35 Accounting Standards A complete Study
36 Basics of Statistics - A Comprehensive Study (College Level)
37 Basics of Strategic Management for CA/CMA/CS/Finance Exams
38 Basics of Financial Markets A Complete Study
39 Basics of Economics A Complete Study
40 Consolidated Financial Statements A Complete Study
41 Basics of indian Custom Act A Complete Study
42 Basics of Indian companies Act 2013
43 Corporate Accounting for Beginners
44 How to set up Business in India?
45 How to File TDS Returns - A Complete Guide
46 ACCA F9 Financial Management - Investment Appraisal
47 ACCA F9 Financial Management - Working Capital Management
48 ACCA F3 Financial Accounting - Basic Financial Statements
49 ACCA F2 Management Accounting - Cost Accounting Techniques
50 How to prepare Financial Statements as per Companies Act
51 JAIIB Accounting & Finance for Banker A Complete Study
52 JAIIB: Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking [Part 1/4]
53 JAIIB - Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking Part 4/4
54 CAIIB Bank Financial Management Part 1
55 CMA FOUNDATION Paper - 4 : Fundamentals of Business Mathematics and Statistics (Part 1/2)
56 CMA FOUNDATION Paper - 4 : Fundamentals of Business Mathematics and Statistics (Part 2/2)
57 Financial Accounting (Paper 5 - CMA Inter)
58 PAPER 9 : Operations Management and Strategic Management
59 Basics of Accounting in Tamil (5Courses Bundle)
60 Financial Management in Tamil (தமிழ் மொழியில் நிதி மேலாண்மை)
61 Basics of Cost Accounting in Tamil (தமிழ் மொழியில் Cost Accounting அடிப்படைகள்)
63 A Complete Guide to MS PowerPoint 2016
64 How to become an Income Tax Practitioner?
65 How to become GST Practitioner?
66 Basics of UAE VAT A Complete Study
67 Basics of MS Word for Finance and Non Finance Executives
68 Accounting for Social Service Organisations
69 Indian Contract Act for CA / CMA / CS / Business Exams
70 Business Email Etiquette: A Complete Guide
71 Basics of Sale of Goods Act 1930
72 Economics for Finance - A Refresher Course (Part 1)
73 CBSE - Class XI - Accountancy - Module 1
74 Learn Accounting Basics in 66 Minutes (Absolutely for Beginners)

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