6 Practical Courses Bundle for Bankers & Finance Consultants cover

6 Practical Courses Bundle for Bankers & Finance Consultants

Bundle of 6 Practical Courses for Bankers & Finance Consultants

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Are you a Banking Executive / Finance Consultant? Then read below:

We have published series of practical courses for Bankers and Finance Managers / Consultants like

  • How to prepare CMA Report for Bank Loan?
  • How to carry out Term Loan Appraisal & Assessment as Banker? 
  • How to carry out Financial Analysis as a Banker? 
  • How to prepare Cash Budget for Bank Loans? 
  • How to prepare Cash Flow Modelling for Lease Rental Discounting Loan? 
  • How to write Project Report for Bank Loan?

In view of good reach among bankers and finance consultants for the above courses, we are launching this Bundle for your benefit.

What are the benefits you get?

  1. By enrolling in this bundle, you get life time access to all 6 practical courses.
  2. You can access the content any number of times - so you can learn at your own pace.
  3. You can access the content in mobile app & also download for offline viewing - so you can view lectures even without internet.
  4. You can also access the content Website (Desktop / Laptop).
  5. You effectively pay only for 5 courses and get access to 6 courses under the bundle package.
  6. All the courses are practical in nature and highly relevant for not only Bankers but also for Finance Managers and Consultants.
  7. Course is structured in self paced learning style.
  8. Use your headsets for effective listening.

See you inside the course.

Note: "If you are enrolling in this bundle, ensure you have not enrolled in individual courses to avoid duplication."

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