Loan Restructuring for MSME, Individuals & Small Businesses cover

Loan Restructuring for MSME, Individuals & Small Businesses

Crash Course for Bankers, Consultants & Borrowers to understand loan restructuring under Resolution Framework 2.0

Instructor: CA N Raja, B.Com., PGDBA, FCA

Language: English

Validity Period: 365 days

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We all are going through the toughest time - reason -Covid 19. One of the biggest side effects of this pandemic is economic fallout. It has resulted in severe economic hardship for millions of people. People suffered significantly under the first wave. As a temporary measure, the RBI had allowed banks to grant a moratorium for six months’ EMIs, which ended on 31st August 2020.

So, to help the borrowers impacted by Covid-19, the RBI had announced guidelines for devising a policy for granting relief to those borrowers on August 6, 2020, under the name “Resolution Framework for COVID-19-related Stress” (“Resolution Framework – 1.0”).

But Covid 19 wave didn’t end. It came back on a bigger scale in 2021 - termed as the second wave and it had resulted in lockdowns in several parts of the country. This has once again caused increased financial distress for all.

So, in order to support borrowers who are currently reeling under the monetary impact, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on May 5, 2021, came out with a second resolution framework titled

“Resolution Framework 2.0 for Individuals and Small Businesses” and another “Resolution Framework 2.0 for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises”

By enrolling in this course, you will learn, Resolution Framework 2.0 for Individuals and Small Businesses covering

a) Introduction

b) Loan Restructuring

c) Eligibility - Individual & Small Business Borrowers

d) Period of Moratorium / Extention of Tenor

e) Invocation of Resolution Process

f) Permitted features & implementation

g) Asset classification and provisioning

h) Working capital support for small businesses where resolution plans were implemented previously

i) Disclosures and Credit Reporting

f) Case Studies

g) MSME Loan Restructuring

h) Working Capital Term Loan

i) Funded Interest Term Loan

This course is structured in a self-paced learning style. Requesting you to use your headphones for a better learning experience. Also, keep a notepad & pen alongside to take keynotes.

See you inside the course!

Note:- The course is in its early stage. Contents will be added

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