Financial Statements 101: A Question-and-Answer Guide
Financial Statements 101: A Question-and-Answer Guide cover

Financial Statements 101: A Question-and-Answer Guide

EBook for Beginner, Bankers & Finance Professionals.

Instructor: CA N Raja, B.Com., PGDBA, FCA

Language: English

Validity Period: 365 days

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Are you ready to unlock the secrets of financial statements and take your understanding of finance to the next level? Our comprehensive guide, 'Financial Statements 101: A Question-and-Answer Guide' is the perfect resource for beginners and professionals alike.


With 101 frequently asked questions and detailed answers, this ebook covers everything you need to know about Financial Statements. Whether you're a banker, finance executive, or just starting out in the field, this guide will give you the knowledge and understanding you need to make informed decisions about a company's financial performance.


Here's the list of all 101 Questions discussed in this eBook:


What are Financial Statements?

Who is responsible for preparing Financial Statements?

What are the responsibilities of the management in relation to making estimates in the preparation of financial statements?

What are Indian Accounting Standards (IND AS) and to whom are they applicable?

What is Annual Report?

What are Standalone Financial Statements?

What are Consolidated Financial Statements?

What are Interim Financial Statements?

What is Accounting Policy?

What are Significant Accounting Policies?

What will be the impact of Changes in Accounting Policy on Financial Statements?

What is Accounting Estimate?

What is Balance Sheet?

What are Assets?

What are Non-Current Assets?

What are Current Assets?

What is Property, Plant and Equipment?

What is Depreciation?

What is Accumulated Depreciation?

What is Straight Line Method of Depreciation?

What is Written Down Value Method of Depreciation?

What is Accumulated Depreciation?

What is estimated Useful Life of an Asset?

What is Book Value of Asset?

What is Free hold land?

What is Interest during construction period?

What is Impairment?

What is Reversal of Impairment Loss?

What is De-recognition of Assets in Financial Statements?

What is Capital Work in Progress?

What is Ageing of Capital Work in Progress?

What is Right-of-Use Asset?

What is Finance Lease?

What is Operating Lease?

What are Current Lease Receivables & Non-Current Lease Receivables?

What are Finance Lease Receivables?

What are Intangible Assets?

What are Internally generated intangible asset?

What are Investments in Subsidiaries?

What are Investments in Joint Ventures?

What are Investments in Associates?

What are Non-Current Investments?

What are Current Investments?

What are Loans and Advances - Non-Current?

What are Loans and Advances - Current?

What are Current Financial Assets?

What are Non-Current Financial Assets?

What are Derivative Financial Instruments?

What are Restricted Deposits?

What are Government Incentives Receivable?

What are Capital Advances?

What are Taxes Recoverable?

What is Advance Tax?

What are Prepaid expenses?

What are Inventories?

What are Raw materials and components?

What is Work-in-progress?

What are Finished goods?

What are Stores and spare parts?

What are Trade Receivables?

What are Credit impaired receivables?

What are Cash and cash equivalents?

What is Equity Share Capital?

What is Authorised Share Capital?

What are Ordinary Shares?

What is Issued, Subscribed and Called Up Share Capital?

What are the different types of Reserves?

What are Retained Earnings?

What are Long Term Borrowings?

What is Term Loan?

What are Debentures? What are different types of debentures?

What are Inter-Corporate Deposits?

What are Short Term Borrowings?

What are Trade Payables?

What are Liability towards Employee Separate Scheme?

What are Current Financial Liabilities?

What are Interest accrued but not due on borrowings?

What is Liability towards Investors Education and Protection Fund?

What are Provisions?

What are Current Provisions and Non-Current Provisions?

What is Income Tax Expense?

What is Deferred Tax?

What are Deferred Tax Liabilities?

What are Deferred Tax Assets?

What are Related Party Transactions and how it will impact Financial Statements?

What are Contingent Liabilities?

What are Contingent Assets?

What is Revenue from Operations?

What is Other Income?

What is Cost of Materials Consumed?

What is Changes in Inventories of Finished Goods?

What is Changes in Inventories of Working in Progress?

What is Employee Benefit Expense?

What is Finance Costs?

What is Other Comprehensive Income?

What is Earnings Per Share?

What is Notes on Accounts?

What is Audit Report?

How to read Audit Report?

What is UDIN and how it can help stakeholders like lenders?

What is CARO?


Don't miss out on this essential resource for anyone interested in financial statements.


Order your copy today and start mastering the basics of financial analysis!

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