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Module 9 - How to design Capital Structure for business cover

Module 9 - How to design Capital Structure for business

"Part of Financial Analysis Mastery Series"

Instructor: CA N Raja

Language: English

Validity Period: Lifetime

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Welcome to the How to design Capital Structure for business (Module 9 of Financial Analysis Mastery Series) Course. 

By enrolling in this course, you will learn

  • Introduction to Capital Structure Decision    
  • Business Financing Decisions    
  • Debt Vs Equity Financing Decision    
  • Good Time and Bad Time for Debt Equity Funding    
  • Capital Structure    
  • Capital Structure 
  • Capital Structure Mix 
  • Factors of Capital Structure Mix
  • Designing Optimal Capital Structure  
  • Capital Structure Case Study 1
  • Capital Structure Case Study 2 
  • Capital Structure Case Study 3  
  • Capital Structuring Case Study 4    
  • Case Study on Capital Structuring and Tax Shield    
  • Introduction to Leverage 
  • Leverage Formula  
  • Leverage Analysis Case Study 1 
  • Leverage Analysis Case Study 2 
  • Leverage Analysis Case Study 3   
  • Leverage and its Types    
  • Leverage Concept Example    
  • Leverage Analysis and Sales Movement    
  • Case Study 1 on Degree of Leverage    
  • Case Study 2 on Degree of Operating Leverage    
  • Case Study 3 on Degree of Leverage    
  • Case Study 4 on Degree of Leverage    
  • Indifference Point -     
  • Indifferent Point Case Study 1 -    
  • Practice Problem: Indifference Point - RTP Problem - ICAI    
  • Indifference and Financial Break Even Point Case Study 2 - 
  • Indifference point chart case study -   
  • Financial Break Even and Indifference Analysis    
  • Capital Structure Theories - Net Income Approach    
  • Capital Structure Theories - Net Operating Income Approach    
  • Net Income Approach Problem    
  • Capital Structure Theories - Traditional Approach    
  • Capital Structure Theories - MM Approach and Arbitrage Case Study    
  • Case study on Arbitrage    
  • Introductory Problem on Capital Structuring    
  • Introductory Problem on IDP    
  • Problem on EPS EBIT IDP    
  • Problem on IDP with Chart    
  • Optimal Capital Structure    
  • Problem on EPS and Capital Structuring    
  • Problem on EPS and Financing Alternatives    
  • Problem on IDP    
  • Practice Problems Operating Leverage Case Study    
  • Practice Problems Operating Leverage Case Study    
  • Practice Problems Leverage - Case study    
  • Practice Problem: Leverage - RTP Problem - ICAI    
  • Practice Problem How to select best capital structure?    

This course is designed in a self-paced learning style. Try listening to lectures with headphones for more clarity and keep taking notes for better understanding. Have note pad and pen alongside to take note of critical points and ratios. 

See you inside the course!

Note: This course is Module 9 of the Financial Analysis Mastery Series. If you are aspiring to acquire overall knowledge in Financial Analysis, enrol in this course instead. 

Financial Analysis Mastery

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