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Banking Premium Membership

Become Banking Premium Member & Get Access to all present & future Banking-related courses!

Instructor: CA N Raja, B.Com., PGDBA, FCA

Language: English

Validity Period: 365 days

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What is Banking Premium Membership?


It’s a privilege Membership Program of CA Raja Classes for Bank Executives who are interested in learning Banking related Credit & Finance topics as well as Promotion Exam oriented subjects. This membership offers access to a wide range of courses covering

  • SME & Corporate Credit Banking
  • Retail Banking
  • Banking Promotion Exams
  • Banking-related eBooks & eResources

and it goes deep into each topic. You also get assured free access to all future Banking related courses as and when published.


By subscribing to this membership, you will get access for

1) Credit and Financial Analysis Mastery Bundle (SME & Corporate Credit) (15 Courses + 20 e-resources)

1) Module 1 - Basics of Credit Analysis
2) Module 2 - How to Read Balance Sheet
3) Module 3 - How to do Financial Ratio Analysis?
4) Module 4 - How to do Cash Flow Analysis?
5) Module 5 - How to do Fund Flow Analysis?
6) Module 6 - How to carry out Credit Risk Rating for Non-Trading Entities?
7) Module 7 - How to carry out Credit Risk Rating for Trading Entities?
8) Module 8 - How to prepare CMA Report for Bank Loans?
9) Module 9 - How to prepare Cash Budget for Bank Loans?
10) Module 10 - How to Assess Fund Based Working Capital (CC / OD) as Banker?
11) Module 11 - How to assess Non Fund Based Credit Facility (LC & BG) Assessment as a Banker?
12) Module 12 - How to do Term Loan Appraisal & Assessment as a Banker?
13) Module 13 - Basic Elements of Loan Proposal
14) Module 14 - Case Studies related to Credit Analysis
15) Module 15 - Collateral Securities


16) Current Ratio
17) Debt Equity Ratio
18) Cash Flow Statement
19) Capital Structuring
20) Financial Break Even Point
21)Capital Budgeting and Cash Flow
22) Capital Budgeting and Payback and Time Value of Money (Part 1)
23)Capital Budgeting and Payback and Time Value of Money (Part 2)
24)Conversation about Leverage
25)Financial Ratio Analysis
26)Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)
27)Inventory Turnover Ratio

Other E-resources

28) Project Report & CMA Template
29) Child Future Education - Financial Planning Template
30) Audio Book on Types of Financing
31) Test your knowledge in Analysis of Financial Statements
32) Test your knowledge in Financing Working Capital Requirements
33) Test Your Knowledge in Ratio Analysis

Career Guidance Material

34) Professional Courses For Banking Executives:- Courses you can pursue while working in a Bank
35) All About Certified Credit Professional

2) Post-Sanction Credit and Financial Analysis Mastery Bundle (SME & Corporate Credit) (2 Courses)

36) Module 1 - Documentation
37) Module 2 - Creation of Charges

3) Credit Monitoring & Recovery Mastery Bundle (SME & Corporate Credit) (3 Courses)

38) Module 1 - Role of Debt Recovery Agents
39) Module 2 - NPA Management
40) Module 3 - Basics of SARFAESI Act

4) Retail Banking Mastery Bundle (for Bankers) (3 Courses)

41) Module 1 - Basics of Retail Banking
42) Module 2 - How to Read CIBIL Report?
43) Module 3 - Auto Loan A Complete Study

5) Banking Promotion Exam Courses (3 Courses)

44) JAIIB Accounting & Finance for Bankers 
45) JAIIB Principles & Practices of Banking (Part)

6) Certified Credit Professional Bundle

46) Certified Credit Professional Courses Package 

7) Accounting Standards Courses Bundle

47 - 61 (Bundle of 15 Courses)

47) AS 1 Disclosure of Accounting Policies
48) AS 2 Valuation of Inventories
49) AS 3 Cash Flow Statements
50) AS 4 Contingencies and events occuring after Balance Sheet Date
51) AS 5 Net Profit or Loss for the period, Prior period items and Changes in Accounting Policies
52) AS 7 Construction Contracts
53) AS 9 Revenue Recognition
54) AS 10 Property, Plant and Equipment
55) AS 11 Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates
56) AS 12 Accounting for Government Grants
57) AS 13 Accounting for Investments
58) AS 14 Accounting for Amalgamations
59) AS 16 Borrowing Costs
60) AS 17 Segment Reporting
61) AS 22 Accounting for Taxes on Income

8) Ind AS Courses Bundle

62 - 64 (Bundle of 3 Courses)

62) Ind AS 1 Presentation of Financial Statements
63) Ind AS 7 Statement of Cash Flows
64) Ind AS 33 Earnings per Share

9) New Courses Bundle

65) JAIIB - P3 - Module A - Accounting Principles and Processes
66) MCQ on JAIIB - P3 - Module A - Accounting Principles and Processes
67) The Daily Credit Chronicle: Manu & Vinu's Insights
68) One Day LIVE Online Workshop on Banking Credit Analysis Process
69) E-Book on Gold Metal Loan
70) Handwritten Synopsis - Basics of Credit Analysis
71) Essentials of Home Loan Financing: A Complete Course
72) Business Finance A Complete Study
73) E-Book on Essentials of Home Loan Financing
74) A Simple Guide to the Balance Sheet: 40 Q & A Online Course
75) Beyond Balance Sheet: A Deep Dive into Credit Proposal Appraisal (Recorded Workshop Edition)
76) Video Book: Financial Statements 101 A Question-and-Answer Guide
77) Work-Life Balance for Banking and Finance Professionals: Online Course
78) Essential Soft Skills for Banking & Finance Professionals: Online Course
79) Online Course on Ace Your Credit Officer Interview: The Ultimate Guide

10) Ebook Bundle for Banking & Finance Executives

80) Simple Guide to the Balance Sheet: 40 Questions & Answers
81) Financial Statements 101: A Question-and-Answer Guide
82) How to Read and Understand Financial Statements of a Bank
83) Basics of Risk Regulations in Banking and Introduction to BASEL Norms
84) Mastering Letters of Credit: A Complete Guide to Understanding and Utilizing LCs
85) Basics of Bill Discounting
86) Basics of Trade Finance
87) The Basics of Vendor Financing & Dealer Financing
88) E-Book on Spinning Credit: A Brief Guide for Textile Yarn Manufacturing Loan Analysis
89) Funding Construction Business Units: Strategies and Challenges
90) Lending to Educational Institutions: A Guide for Bankers and Finance Professionals
91) How to analyse Electric Vehicles Manufacturing Entity?
92) How to Become a Successful Bank Branch Manager: A Comprehensive Guide
93) How to become a successful Relationship Manager in SME & Corporate Banking
94) The Road to the Top: Navigating Your Way from Bank PO to MD
95) How to Become a Credit Manager
96) Basics of Sole Proprietiorship: A Guide for Bankers and Finance Professionals
97) How to Become a Finance Manager
98) How to become a successful Bank Loan Consultant
99) How to Learn Effectively from Pre-Recorded Online Courses
100) How to Write a Financial Analysis Report: A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Analysis and Reporting
101) Introduction to Credit Analysis and Underwriting
102) Ace Your Credit Officer Interview: The Ultimate Guide
103) The SME Lender's Handbook: A Guide to Fraud Detection and Prevention
104) Financial Analysis: Common Mistakes to Avoid
105) Basics of Partnership Firms: A Guide for Bankers and Finance Professionals
106) Basics of LLP: A Guide for Bankers and Finance Professionals
107) Emotional Intelligence: Enhancing Self-awareness, Empathy, and Social Skills
108) How to Write a Project Report for SME Bank Loans: A Comprehensive Guide
109) Basics of Investment Banking: A Comprehensive Guide
110) E-Book on Working Capital Management
111) E-Book on Fund Flow Statement
112) Handwritten E-book on 50 Banking Credit Tech Terms
113) How to become a CFO?
114) Banker's Guide to Building Bonds: Mastering Soft Skills for Small Business Success
115) Mastering Risk Identification in Banking: Navigating Challenges with Confidence
116) How to understand Retail Business Model: A Comprehensive Guide for Bankers and Finance Professionals
117) How to Understand Manufacturing Business Model: A Guide for Bank and Finance Professionals
118) How to understand Service - Based Business Model : A Guide for Bankers in Loan Assessments
119) Mastering Negotiation Skills for Bankers: Structuring Credit Facilities for Small Businesses
120) Supply Chain Finance for Small Businesses - A Comprehensive Guide for Bankers
121) Navigating the Education and Training Business Model: A Comprehensive Guide for Bankers Evaluating Loan Applications
122) Financial Statement Analysis: Short Notes
123) Credit Essentials in a Nutshell: Short Notes
124) Mastering Time Management: Techniques for Banking and Finance Professionals
125) Mastering Soft Skills in Banking & Finance: A Guide to Effective Communication, Leadership, and Teamwork
126) Work-Life Balance for Banking and Finance Professionals
127) Health and Wellness for Banking and Finance Professionals
128) Model CMA - Excel Template
129) Learn Break Even Analysis at Ease - PowerPoint Material
130) 150 Banking Credit Technical terms [Part 1]
131) Understanding the Non-profit Organization Business Model: A Guide for Indian Bankers
132) Mastering Fraud Detection: A Banker's Guide to Proactive Fraud Detection and Prevention
133) Basics of One Person Company: Insight for Bankers and Finance Professionals
134) 150 Banking Credit Technical terms [Part 2]
135) E-Book: Exploring LLP with Manu and Vinu (Part 1)
New Ebook (published in May)
134) Competition in Banking: Strategies for Thriving in a Crowded Market

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to become a Banking Premium Member?
You can make the prescribed One-Time Payment directly through the course link.

When will you get access to the courses in Membership?

Once you complete the payment, allow us 12 – 24 hours to add all the courses to your student account.


Whom to contact if the courses are not added within the prescribed duration?

Please drop a mail to or send a WhatsApp message to +917736270601


Need some discount?

Simply click on the Whatsapp button located at the bottom right corner and type BPM press enter. Our team will promptly send you the coupon code via Whatsapp. 


Please note that the offer of assured free access to future courses is only applicable for courses that are instructed by CA Raja as the primary instructor. In case a course is delivered by an external instructor or in combination (i.e. a combination of CA Raja and an external instructor), or if it is provided outside the learning management system (e.g. on WhatsApp, through seminars, etc.), then the offer of free access will not be applicable. Such courses fall outside the purview of our Membership Program.

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