Review of "Think Like An Accountant: A non-accountant’s guide to accounting" Book

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We have reviewed the book "Think Like An Accountant: A non-accountant’s guide to accounting" available on amazon. 

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This book is a jam pack box of detailed explanations in a proper manner so the reader can understand easily the logic behind passing the transaction entry and its further treatment.

Walkthrough the whole world of the accounting process. This book is an easy read which will help both commerce students as well as people who are not much acquainted with commerce, accounting, and finance sort of stuff.This book serves as a guide from basics and ends up with how to prepare a Balance Sheet .

Read this Book –

1) To understand the thinking process required to record a transaction.
2) To grasp the thinking process behind critical accounting principles such as accrual principle, matching principle, etc.
3) Learn to prepare trial balance and adjusting trial balance.
4) Learn to prepare financial statements- income statement and Balance sheet.

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