Review of "Credit Appraisal Risk Analysis & Decision Making" Book

"An attempt by CA Raja Classes to review books & educational resources available in 3rd party platforms & to introduce to our learners"

We have reviewed the book "Credit Appraisal, Risk Analysis & Decision Making" available on amazon. 

Get inside to read our review!

I received this book as Prize from SBI from then DMD for having selected as Best Trainee!

I have even upgraded myself to latest editions.

My recommendation is"Its a Must Book for Every Bank Executive"

You can directly purchase this book from Amazon through this link:


1) This book is neighther written nor sold by CA Raja!

2) We are only recommending this book based on our experience.

3) By clicking the above link, you will be taken to Amazon Portal and you have to complete the payment formalities with them & provide your address to get delivery of books.

4) We act as Affiliate for the above resource and we get affiliate commission/ referral commission when you purchase or enrol through our link.

-Team CA Raja Classes

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