Best Career Options after 

12th Commerce

Here we shall be discussing about career options for commerce students.

How to choose ?

You can’t define one single best course for yourself. There are a number of degrees and professional courses to choose from. What matters is the one that you choose and prove it to be the best for yourself.

Taking the right decision is just a stepping stone for building a successful career in the commerce field.

Commerce is a vast field where you will get to explore a variety of areas based on the course you select like Finance, Accounting, Law, Taxation, Auditing, Management etc.

If you are aware of your interests and which way you exactly want to go, things might seem a bit easy.

Here we shall be discussing about career options for commerce students.

Bachelors Of Commerce (B.Com)

B. Com is a generic degree course pursued by students who opt for commerce stream in class 12th. The time period for this course is

3 years where fundamentals of finance and accounting are taught to the students.

Having a normal degree proves quite handy even if you are pursuing any of the professional courses. It is always beneficial to complete your graduation that may help you later on if you go for higher studies.

Most common and the simplest career choice for commerce students.

Bachelors In Economics (BA)

This is another great option you could go for after completing class 12th in commerce stream. The time period for this course is also 3 years. You will get to experience practical knowledge on various economic concepts, economic policies, analytical methods and programs etc. If you are keenly interested in economics and want to gain specialisation about the economic framework, this might suit you.

Further, if you want to prepare for Indian Administrative Services or IAS, having an economic background shall be an added advantage for you.

Bachelors Of Business Administration (BBA)

This is a 3 year Business administration course helping to build a base in core business disciplines. You get to explore different functional areas of a business environment. So, if you are interested in getting an exposure to the various business aspects and get a hold of the concepts of business administration, this course might be your choice.

This is an obvious choice for the ones thinking to build their career in the financial and business management field.

Bachelor Of Management Studies (BMS)

Another undergraduate programme designed to prepare students in the field of management. This is a 3 year course that provides theoretical and practical training which helps to inculcate leadership and managerial skills. A good understanding of managerial practices and concepts can guide you to explore ample of opportunities in the business world.

You get to learn and add varied knowledge in the field of management, human resources, organisational theories, research methodology etc.

Chartered Accountancy (CA)

This is the best professional course for building a successful career in commerce. Becoming a Chartered Accountant opens the various doors to exciting career opportunities in diversified sectors. You can act as a Tax Consultant, an auditor, an advisor, a financial officer and so. This entirely depends upon whether you go in your own independent practice or you settle for a corporate job.

This a well known course promising rewarding career in the field of accounting, taxation, auditing, financial reporting to name a few.

Cost And Management Accountant (CMA)

Being another fruitful career option for students after class 12th commerce stream, CMA is the most prestigious course conducted by the “Institute of Cost Accountants of India”. Certified Cost Accountants maintain cost accounting records, do cost auditing, helps in planning, controlling and costing of products.

The role of Cost Accountant goes beyond that of Financial Accountant by helping in production operations and processes.

Company Secretary (CS)

This is another professional and popular course among students who opt for class 12th commerce stream. A Company Secretary is basically responsible for all the regulatory compliance of the company and acts as an in-house legal expert. After doing CS, you have an option to practice independently or look in for a job in the corporate world.

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