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Banking Credit Learners Hub (in Telegram)

"Reinforce your learning through BCLH"

Instructor: CA N Raja, B.Com., PGDBA, FCA

Language: English

₹99 / month including 18% GST

Are you interested in learning Banking Credit matters


- through a series of Micro Video Lectures?

- through PDF?

- through Q&A asked by other fellow bankers?

- by joining a community of experienced & passionate bankers?


If yes, join our Telegram Group


"Banking Credit Learners Hub [BCLH]"


By joining this group, you will receive


i) Video Lectures explaining various concepts in Banking Credit 

ii) Audio Lectures / Podcasts on key topics in Banking Credit.

iii) Educational Materials related to Banking Credit.

iv) Q & A Support for your queries in Banking Credit.

 v) Attractive Discounts / Offers for enrolling in Banking Credit Courses.


at regular intervals.


By subscribing BCLH, You will be able to find solutions/answers for many of the problem you may come across in Banking Credit. 


Monthly subscription - Rs.99/-

Annual subscription - Rs.999/-

(Recurring payment - Cancel Anytime)


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