First Lines on Share Market Investing - Introductory Course cover

First Lines on Share Market Investing - Introductory Course

Must Course for Every Beginner in Stock Market

Instructor: CA Suresh, Chennai

Language: English

Validity Period: Lifetime

₹499 including 18% GST

"Sometimes the smallest steps in the right direction, ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe, if you must; but take the step"

Do you want to know the basics of ‘Investing in share markets’?

You will get an overview of the following in this session:
1.  What is a 'share'? 
2.  What is a 'share market’?
3.  Various components in this industry – stock exchange, banker, broker, etc.,
4.  How does a share market work?
5.  What is market capitalisation?
6.  What is share price? How is it computed?
7.  What is ‘Nifty’, ‘Sensex’? How is it computed?
8.  What is compounding of returns? 
9.  What is inflation? Inflation vs Compounding of returns? 
10.  What is a mutual fund?
11.  What is NAV?
12.  What is a ‘Demat’ account?
13.  What is ‘dividend’? How is it computed and paid to an investor?
14.  People do ‘trading’ – what does that mean?
15.  Trading vs Investing – Pros & Cons
16.  Types of investors and Investing styles?
17.  How do you compute returns made from investing in share market? 
18.  What is asset allocation?
19.  Are people really making money in share market?
20.  Do’s and Dont’s in share market investing 

Each of the topics above is a separate session in itself – The objective of this webinar is to give you a quick overview and present the ‘big picture’ of investing in share markets in a simplified manner.

Note: This course is a recorded version of LIVE Webinar conducted on 13th September, 2020.

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