Revision Capsule - Cost Accounting - Nov 19 Exams cover

Revision Capsule - Cost Accounting - Nov 19 Exams

Instructor: CA N Raja

Language: English

Valid Till: 2019-11-18



Welcome to one of the abridged courses on Cost Accounting.This course covers all the important case studies which will be helpful for you to revise one day before exam. 

Note :- This is useful for revision and not learning for the first time.

Areas covered in this revision video are :-

1) Basics of Costing

2) Material Costing

3) Labour Costing

4) Overheads Costing

5) Standard Costing Variances

6) Operating Costing

7) Process & Operating Costing

8) Budget and Budgetary Control

9) Marginal Costing

10) Contract Costing

11) Joint Products & By Products

12) Non Integrated Accounts

13) Job Costing and Batch Costing

14) ABC Costing

Validity period of this course is upto 18th November.

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