CBSE Class XI: Accountancy Module 1 cover

CBSE Class XI: Accountancy Module 1

Instructor: CA N Raja

Language: English

Validity Period: 365 days

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Welcome to your Course "CBSE- Class XI - Accountancy - Module 1"

This course enables student to practice as many case studies / numerical problems as possible.

Students are exposed to the following topics

Introduction to Accounting

- Technical Terms In Accounting

- Accounting Assumptions, Concepts & Principles

- Accounting Equation

- Journalising Process


Cash Book

Subsidiary Books covering Sales and Purchase Books

Purchase Return and Sales Return Books

Journal Book / Journal Proper

Bank Reconciliation Statement

Trial Balance

Errors in Accounting


This course has been structured in self paced learning style. Good internet connection with PC / Laptop / Mobile / Tablet with headset would make learning experience a memorable one.

Students are advised to simultaneously work out the problems discussed in the course along with instructor as practice only would make you perfect.

Once again, welcome to this course.

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