Ind AS 33 Earnings per Share - A Refresher Course cover

Ind AS 33 Earnings per Share - A Refresher Course

Short & Crisp course on EPS

Instructor: CA N Raja, B.Com., PGDBA, FCA

Language: English

Validity Period: Lifetime

₹499 including 18% GST

Are you a student pursuing CA / CMA or a Finance & Accounts Exectuvies or a Finance Professional interested in improving your knowledge base in Ind AS especially Earnings Per Share? Then this course for you!

At first, what is EPS?

EPS is an important measure of the performance of a company and widely used by Financial Analysts, Investors, etc. It indicates, how effectively the entity has used the funds of owners and generated earnings for them. It also acts as a basis for P/E Ratio.

So, in this course, you will get to learn:

a) What is EPS

b) Key terms in Ind AS 33

c) How to measure EPS

d) How to arrive at Profit attributable to Equity Share Holders

e) How to arrive at Weighted Average No. of Equity Shares Outstanding.

f) Case Studies

g) What are Diluted EPS, etc.

This course is structured in a self-paced learning style. Requesting you to use your headphones for a better learning experience. Also, keep a note pad & pen alongside to take keynotes.

See you inside the course!

The course is still at its early stage. More content will be added in the coming days. So, enroll in the early bird offer price.

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