How to become GST Practitioner? cover

How to become GST Practitioner?

Instructor: CA N Raja

Language: ENGLISH

Validity Period: 10000 days

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Welcome to your course “ How to become GST Practitioner?”

This course is created and published due to continuous demand from various parts of the country and finally you see it today. 

By taking up this course, you will learn and understand the legal requirements to become a GST Practitioner.

In the initial sections, you will go through 

  • Who is a GST Practitioner?
  • Eligibility criteria for enrollment as GST Practitioner
  • Examination for GST Practitioner, Process of Registering as GST Practitioner

Go through the course curriculum before enrolling into the course. Also, if you are not from India, then please do not enroll in this course. 

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