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How to Read Audit Report

"Key skill required for every Banker / Investor / Owner, Credit & Financial Analysts"

Instructor: CA N Raja

Language: English

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Are you an Entrepreneur and finding it difficult to understand the nuances of technicalities reported in Audit Report?

Are you an Investor planning to invest in stocks of a company?

Are you a Lender, analysing the financials of the borrower to take a lending decision?

Are you an analyst, analysing financials and audit reports of various business entities?

Then, this course is for you - How to Read Audit Report

When business grows in size, it will attract various stake holders. Each and every stake holder will be interested in understanding how the business is performing in financial terms. Management will be communicating the performance of business through Financial Statements and Annual reports to the stake holders. However, in order to develop the trust and meet statutory compliances, the Financial Statements also have to be audited by Auditors (Chartered Accountants).

Auditors will be carrying out independent examination of Financial Statements and they will give their opinion, whether Financial Statements gives True & Fair View about state of affairs and profit & loss of business. This opinion will be given through their report, known as Audit Report.

There are various technicalities inherent in Audit Report. As a reader of Audit report, you should know what all those technicalities mean and what kind of impact it can have on the Financial Decisions.

By enrolling in this course, you will get to learn,

a) What is Audit?

b) Benefits of Audit.

c) Aspects of Audit

d) Audit report components.

f) Critical items and paragraphs in Audit Report

g) Auditors Opinion

h)  Types of Audit Report

This is a self paced learning course. Please use your headset for effective listening.

See you inside the course!

Note: Course is still at early stage. More contents are being added!

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