Free Webinar on Financial Analysis - Must skill for every Banking Executive on 16th August, 2020 cover

Free Webinar on Financial Analysis - Must skill for every Banking Executive on 16th August, 2020


Instructor: CA N Raja, B.Com., PGDBA, FCA

Language: English

Do you want to develop your Financial Analysis skill to grow in your Bank's organisational hierarchy?

Then this webinar is for you!

Register now and join on 16th August, 2020 (Sunday) 10 AM.

Join this webinar by CA N Raja, Founder of CA Raja Classes - Online Instructor for 1,40,000+ Students across 190+ Countries and author for best-selling courses in Financial Management and Banking Credit Analysis Process.

You will learn some amazing logics behind

• Minimum Current Ratio of 1.33

• Restrictions in utilization of Short-Term Funds for Long Term Purpose

• Maximum Debt Equity Ratio of 2:1 or 3:1

• How Inventory & Debtor Levels will influence Liquidity & Profitability

• DSCR Computation & why most banks insist on 1.75 Times

• Relationship between Sales and Fixed Assets & Total Assets

• Why Profit is not equal to Cash

And in short span of time, you will develop the ability and skill to read two other critical financial analysis tools namely

• Cash Flow Statements

• Fund Flow Statements

You will go through an amazing and deep learning journey. You will participate in several polls during the course of webinar and you will answer questions on topics like Profitability, Liquidity, Cash Flow, Fund Flow, etc.,

This process will make you to learn more effectively – it may happen your answers may not be right in first instance – but for every poll you will have second chance and so far the experience is 90% of the participants have made it right in the second attempt after being made to analyze some additional information. This learning process will long last in your memory for years together

What our Participants Says About Webinar

Shristy Dhakal

It was extremely knowledgeable session yesterday and It helped me to know about the ratios and Cash Flow Analysis better. Previously I used to calculate the numbers without understanding but from yesterday I got to know about the explanation to those numbers.

I really appreciate your help that from your busy schedule you segregated some time to give knowledge for someone like me from the nation apart from India.


I have attended the FINANCIAL Analysis Session by the last weekend.

It was a wonderful and very interactive session that i attended for. Moreover, you had given very useful tips and online quiz which made the session very enjoyable indeed.

Sunita Tharwani

Very knowledgeful and informative webinar. I like 1 thing most in webinar that poll taking in between webinar ,this thing make webinar very interactive. Very interesting and knowlegeful webinar . Waiting for more webinars like this.


It's really useful and also learned many things.... DSCR topic it's really hard to get CA cls but u teach us very simple and understandable.... Thanks u so much sir.


It has been a great learning program and have learned a lot. This will definitely helping in my work and led me doing my work more efficiently

Nageswararao Ch

I found your classes are worth watching and the way your explanation is so good. Thank you sir.

Ganapathy Subramanian

I can say the webinar section was very much helpful . The section was interactive to us. The poll option is very impressive. Your way of teaching and communication is so beautiful and concepts are very clear. I thank you so much for giving such a great hours to us.

Aish Maheshwari

The session was very informative and knowledgeable. Thank you for conducting such a wonderful webinar as well as for guiding us.I also want to mention that i have completed the course Banking credit appraisal process in that sir you have given every session very woderfully.and yes i enjoyed today's session. Hope you will conduct many more webinar like this and i 'll get the opportunity to be a part of it


Your webinar today had given me a quite a bit of confidence to face the financial statements and aim for good heights

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