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Finance Gyan Hub for Entrepreneurs & Non Finance Executives

"An Online Community for Entrepreneurs & Non-Finance Executives to learn Finance"

Instructor: CA N Raja, B.Com., PGDBA, FCA

Language: English

₹99 / month including 18% GST

Are you a Non-Finance Executive struggling to understand Financial matters?

Are you interested in understanding accounting and financial matters revolving around Sales, Purchases, Asset Acquisitions, Fund-raising, so you can take better decisions in your organisation? 

Are you aware that Ignorance in Finance Management will turn out to be a costly affair and business may not even exist to repent about it? 

Then this hub is for you
"Finance Gyan Hub for Entrepreneurs & Non-Finance Executives"

By joining this group, you will receive

i) Video Lectures explaining various Finance Concepts for Entrepreneurs.
ii) Audio Lectures / Podcasts on key topics in Finance.
iii) Educational Materials related to Finance.
iv) Q & A Support for your queries in Finance.
v) Attractive Discounts / Offers for enrolling in Business & Finance Courses.

at regular intervals.

Monthly subscription - Rs.99/-
Annual subscription - Rs.999/-
(Recurring payment - Cancel Anytime)

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