E-Book on Gold Metal Loan cover

E-Book on Gold Metal Loan

EBook for Bankers, Finance Professionals and Jewellery Units.

Instructor: Resource Desk

Language: English

Validity Period: Lifetime

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Topics covered in this eBook:

Chapter 1
1. Let’s look the metal closer
1a.Is Gold a commodity or is it something else?
1b. How is gold measured internationally?
1c.Who owns the yellow metal?
1d. Need for stocking gold

Chapter 2
2. Jargon Busting
2a. Why is import duty applied on gold?
2b. What is CIP?
2c. Notional cost of Gold
2d. Mark to Market
2e.What is Hedging and why is it done
2f. What is EC and EP copy in exports

Chapter 3
3. Gold Metal Loan Scheme
3a. Purpose
3b. KYC norms
3c. Eligibility
3d. Source of Gold
3e. Comprehensive Cost of Gold
3f. Indenting and Journey of Gold
3g. Security
3g1. Cash Margin
3g2. Bank Guarantee
3g3. Credit Limits
3h. Assessment of the Limits for Gold Metal Loan with Illustration
3i. Quantum of Withdrawal
3j. Interest Rate
3k. Tenor of the loan

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